HVAC Repair in Baton Rouge, LA

We rely on the forced air in our homes to keep us comfortable all year round. This means your heating and AC will need service and repairs to stay in their best functional condition. From emergency heating repair to routine air conditioning service in Baton Rouge, LA, Breaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Inc. is the only company you have to call.
Heating repair
From failed blower motors to faulty flame sensors, problematic pilot lights to exhaust issues, we take your furnace troubles seriously. Count on us to repair damages and replace parts, to get the entire thing working properly again.
AC repair
We’re on call for all types of AC repair in Baton Rouge, LA, including capacitor replacements, compressor service, refrigerant recharges, electrical repairs and much more. If your AC isn’t blowing cold, give us a call!
Air duct cleaning
Our team is happy to Rotobrush your air ducts and also santizes using the antimicrobial power of UV lights to eradicate any pathogens or pests living in your ductwork. Let us help you restore the cleanliness to your home’s air.
Heat pumps
Have a heat pump? We’re equipped to service these installations to the fullest, ensuring you’re able to enjoy the energy-efficient operation and high level of comfort they provide.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding late-night service calls and unexpected HVAC problems. We provide our customers with the option to sign up for preventive maintenance agreements.

When you sign on for a preventive maintenance agreement, we visit your home twice annually to give your heating and cooling units the seasonal tune-ups they need. We administer thorough service to get them ready for peak usage. Not only will this maintenance get your system ready for the season, it’ll help extend the overall life of your equipment!


  • Clean outdoor condenser coil
  • Visual inspection of air handler or furnace
  • Check pressure and adjust as necessary
  • Check and clean or replace filters
  • Check and treat drain pans & lines
  • Oil motors as necessary
  • Check wiring and electrical connections
  • Check running amps on all motors
  • Check all thermostat and humidistat operations


  • Check heat system
  • Check burners and controls
  • Check fan and limit control
  • Check fuel pipe and draft system
  • Clean and adjust all safety controls
  • Oil motors as necessary
  • Visual inspection of air handler or furnace
  • Check all thermostat and humidistat operations

Keep Your System Running Right

Leave nothing up to chance when it comes to servicing your HVAC system. For heating and cooling repairs and maintenance, choose Breaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Inc. Contact us today at 225-753-0711 for more information about our repair capabilities or to inquire about a maintenance agreement.